Behind the letter g

Design, illustration & lettering

Yo! I’m Clare, a freelance graphic designer & artist on a mission to craft practical, user-centred print and screen visual communications.

lowercase g provides creative design solutions with a customer focus. That means I listen to what you need, ask questions and collaborate with you to provide the right graphic design tool kit for your purpose.

New or established business: If your project is big, small, one off or on-going, I’ll adapt to what suits your business. I can start you off with a new logo and brand identity to get your business up and running. If you’ve got your brand sorted, I’m a pro at maintaining and breathing new life into your materials.

Mouse for hire: If you’re a bustling design studio or a marketing team sans designer I can complement your team. Flying solo means I have the option of working from my desk or in-house with you for same day service.

My pseudonym lowercase g stems from my love of the double-storey g. It’s a letter brimming with personality. Within this letter I see a curious ear to listen with and tigger-esqe tail to bounce around. A series of design conscious, playful, rule bending little homie g characters form my visual brand. They are an extension of your design buddy, lowercase g who provides the tools for you to increase market presence and build brand awareness in your business community.

lowercase g also create quirky illustrations by commission for private and commercial use. Brighten up your walls with prints, hand lettered quotes or art. Keep an eye out for new creations on social media.